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Diary of a Publisher

After this crazy week of the Casey Anthony Verdict finally coming down and the Last Launch of the Shuttle Atlantis and all Shuttles, I have finally sat down to write my blog.  It’s been a historic week for sure.

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by.  I am creating this blog to share information with other publishers, authors old and new, writers and anyone that needs to tell a story!  I am a publisher in print and digital and I am also a web designer helping businesses and authors alike to make a way for themselves.  I wish to share information on all the facets of publishing with you.  I would adore feedback to my new titles that I will also share here.

Publishing webs, books in print and digital has become less complicated as traditional publishing and publishers over the last few years with e-readers and e-books are having to meet up with the digital world.

Ok so here goes, here’s a little about me.  About 2 years ago I was laid off from my full-time job working at a local newspaper.  As you already may know, the newspaper business is not doing well in this economy in the United States.  With as fast as news travels these days a lot of revamping has to occur.  So there I was, unemployed and needed to get busy building my web design business and I fell upon publishing.

I will write more about my newest title “Almost There!” and explain the story of how this book came into existence.  And I will be writing more about all of the new titles that Blue Feather Web and Publishing will be bringing to life.

Till tomorrow…  Thanks for stopping by..  There is much to learn.




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