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Moving Your Book From Paper to Film.

I am starting this blog to share the steps needed in order to take your book from book form to screenplay and to the Big Screen.  Today I am going to show you the steps that are needed.  This is a learning process, but if you truly believe in your story and your book and yourself it can be done!  BELIEVE!

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How to Sell Your Book Story  for a Movie

John C. Erianne

John C. Erianne  is the publisher and editor of “Devil Blossoms,” “The 13th Warrior Review” and  “Gnome.” His writing has appeared in numerous publications over the last 25  years, including “The Adirondack Review,” “Blue Collar Review,” “Yellow Mama”  and “Gutter Eloquence.”  He graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor of  Arts in English and a Master of Arts in creative writing.  By John C. Erianne,  eHow Contributor

updated  January 12,  2011

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Selling a book to Hollywood is a dream come true for many  writers.

What writer hasn’t dreamt of selling his book  to Hollywood? Some writers think about the money or the increased exposure that  comes with movie adaptations, but most just like the idea of seeing their  creations coming to life in living color on the big screen. What you must  understand is that marketing film rights to your book is easier said than done  unless your book is a bestseller.  There are basically two approaches: contact  production companies directly or get a Hollywood agent to sell the film rights  for you. The process for both is essentially the same.

Moderately Challenging


Things You’ll Need

  • Book
  • Synopsis
  • Agent
  1. Selling the Film Rights to Your Book

    • 1  If you already have a literary agent, discuss the potential sale of film  rights to your book with him. If your agent is not already working to get you a  movie deal for your book at the time of publication, ask him to do  so.
    • 2  Find contact information. If you are going to pursue a movie deal, you need  to approach agencies and/or production companies to make your case. Hollywood  agencies typically have book departments specifically set up to buy and sell  film rights of books. There are also a number of independent production  companies actively seeking material for film and television projects. You can  find contact information by doing Internet searches or consulting industry  directories such as Hollywood Creative Directory, Bluebook Production Directory,  The Writer’s Market, and the Guide to Literary Agents.
    • 3  Write a cover letter and a one-page synopsis of your novel.  The cover letter  should be addressed to a specific person and department. The synopsis should be  more than a dry summary of your story. It should begin with a strong “hook” to  entice the reader. Outline the points that would make your book  an engrossing  film.
    • 4  Query your contacts. Make sure you proofread and spell check your cover  letter and synopsis before mailing it. Don’t expect instant results. It may take  several weeks or months for you to receive an  answer.

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Tips &  Warnings

  •  Target your market. The more information you have about your market, the  better. For instance, if you are selling a war novel don’t approach companies  that only produce romantic comedies. The same goes for agencies.
  •  Don’t limit yourself to directories. Read Variety and other trade  publications and industry blogs. Follow actors, directors, and agents on social  media such as Twitter and Facebook. You never know when you might pick up a  tidbit of information that will help you succeed.
  •  Consult an entertainment attorney before signing away any film rights to your  book.



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Bad Bosses Blog

Hi Everyone, I am writing a book on BAD experiences in the workplace.  Unethical practices and especially with companies that DO NOT VALUE their employees!  I look forward to your comments and your experiences.  I am writing a book about this so whatever you post, please DO NOT MENTION the NAME of the Persons OR the NAMES of the Businesses.  Write it as in the Third Person as to what happened and about events that occured while employed.  You will be anonomous in the book.

You MUST be general as in an example “I worked for a Law firm and the Senior Partner was having an affair with the office manager which led to distrust in OUR boss, etc.”  or “I was chastized for the size of the paper clips I used in front of the whole office by the TOP BOSS!”

Also you can write about the positive that came out of the adversity of it all.

Sign up today to my blog for your scenario to be published in a book which is in process until I have enough info to go to print.

I bet we have some wild stories to share!!!  This Blog will also help people to realize where they are working now is a blessing.

Let’s share our stories.  Please be courteous and do NOT mention any names or companies…  make it anonomous all the way around.

Let’s Share!


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Diary of a Publisher

After this crazy week of the Casey Anthony Verdict finally coming down and the Last Launch of the Shuttle Atlantis and all Shuttles, I have finally sat down to write my blog.  It’s been a historic week for sure.

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by.  I am creating this blog to share information with other publishers, authors old and new, writers and anyone that needs to tell a story!  I am a publisher in print and digital and I am also a web designer helping businesses and authors alike to make a way for themselves.  I wish to share information on all the facets of publishing with you.  I would adore feedback to my new titles that I will also share here.

Publishing webs, books in print and digital has become less complicated as traditional publishing and publishers over the last few years with e-readers and e-books are having to meet up with the digital world.

Ok so here goes, here’s a little about me.  About 2 years ago I was laid off from my full-time job working at a local newspaper.  As you already may know, the newspaper business is not doing well in this economy in the United States.  With as fast as news travels these days a lot of revamping has to occur.  So there I was, unemployed and needed to get busy building my web design business and I fell upon publishing.

I will write more about my newest title “Almost There!” and explain the story of how this book came into existence.  And I will be writing more about all of the new titles that Blue Feather Web and Publishing will be bringing to life.

Till tomorrow…  Thanks for stopping by..  There is much to learn.


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