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Helping Others Get Positions they Are Perfect for!

Hi Everyone!  Today I wanted to send you a note that if you make it a practice in your every day job to help others find their perfect positions in the workforce, you in fact help yourself.  Over the years I have been very proactive and supportive in helping others with their special talents and encouraging them to go for the positions that are their dreams.

Employers in today’s market need to look at an individual as an individual.  Special talents, skills, goals, merit and dreams of the potential candidate should be honored by giving that person free rein with their talents so that they can produce in a positive way in their position and in turn produce positive for the company.  Being OverQualified for a company DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A BAD THING.  If someone is overqualified for a job, it means that they are willing to put their best foot forward and you will get 110% from them and other employees in there immediate vicinity.  More employers should look at it this way.  The experience and education whether in school or the streets, is more valuable to the employer in the long run.

Companies that honor their employees in this way… WIN WIN WIN!!!

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