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Strangest Reason for Getting Laid Off?

Years ago, I worked for law firms in NY.  I started working for this one particular law firm that was close to home.  One day in the middle of winter. One of the senior partners took me into his office and said to me.  “We need to change your hours and in the same breath he said to me, and if you don’t make the change in hours we are going to lay you off.  I was flabergasted.  In the next breath he said he wanted my resignation (I’ll bet because he didn’t want to pay unemployment)  It was the weirdest day.  I was too young or gullible or something, but come to find out he wanted to hire his girlfriend as a legal assistant.  I was good at what I did.  I had great reviews up till that day.

Talk about bad timing.

More to come tomorrow… and there is MUCH more!


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Bad Bosses Blog

Hi Everyone, I am writing a book on BAD experiences in the workplace.  Unethical practices and especially with companies that DO NOT VALUE their employees!  I look forward to your comments and your experiences.  I am writing a book about this so whatever you post, please DO NOT MENTION the NAME of the Persons OR the NAMES of the Businesses.  Write it as in the Third Person as to what happened and about events that occured while employed.  You will be anonomous in the book.

You MUST be general as in an example “I worked for a Law firm and the Senior Partner was having an affair with the office manager which led to distrust in OUR boss, etc.”  or “I was chastized for the size of the paper clips I used in front of the whole office by the TOP BOSS!”

Also you can write about the positive that came out of the adversity of it all.

Sign up today to my blog for your scenario to be published in a book which is in process until I have enough info to go to print.

I bet we have some wild stories to share!!!  This Blog will also help people to realize where they are working now is a blessing.

Let’s share our stories.  Please be courteous and do NOT mention any names or companies…  make it anonomous all the way around.

Let’s Share!


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